A DIY Funeral

A dark Australian dramedy about three brothers who carry out their mother's unusual wish for a do-it-yourself funeral.

Official Selection Tulsa International Film Festival, September 2011
Official Screening

Official Selection New York Hell's Kitchen Film Festival, September 2011

New York Hell's Kitchen Film Festival

Winner of a Silver Ace Award, Las Vegas Film Festival, July 2011

Las Vegas Film Festival

A DIY Funeral - Coffin Built


Chris arrives at the farm to a empty house. When brother Andrew arrives home they discover that their mother has passed away while sitting on the toilet. Andrew proceeds to carry out CPR while Chris is directed to call an ambulance.
Thinking a better solution is to call his brother Peter, Chris and Peter exchange calls, an curt words with each other before Chris finally sends an SMS to Peter that 'Mum's Dead'. On hearing the news Peter makes his way to the farm. The family doctor, Harold, arrives shortly thereafter. Harold reads a will that has been left to the brothers and it is revealed that the mother wants a DIY Funeral.
The brothers proceed to transport the body in a body bag to a storage facility. The following day, Chris and Peter start to bond while shooting some hoops. Chris and Peter proceed to the house to find that Andrew has been researching how to build a coffin.
During the discussion they discover that the bookcase that sits behind the sofa is actually a coffin ready to be re-assembled.They take the bookcase apart, and make the coffin. Chris opens a box that has been taken from the bookcase and in it finds a letter from the mother and three letters addressed to each of the brothers.
A funeral service follows and then scattering of the ashes out of a car window while the brothers drive a country road.



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